A Gay Sugar Baby: How to Get Multiple Sugar Daddies

“Now I am staying at this small studio in Paris which is one of my sugar daddies bought to me. I am actually really upset with him right now because I want to have something a lot bigger than this. For example, I cannot get on the ground and do push-ups because it is so small. But you know what you cannot be ungrateful. So today, I am going to tell you guys some tips about how am I manage to accumulate 12 sugar daddies around the world.

Firstly, I want to tell you guys the list of countries and states that I have a sugar daddy. California, Mexico, Columbia, Panama city, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Dubai. I try to want to get one in Africa, but everyone there is so broke so I just was not feeling it. If you want a sugar daddy, do not go to there because they do not have this kind of thing. Qatar, New York, and Chicago. So I have shared some my sugar daddy stories, and people keep asking please share some your sugar daddy secret. So today I am going to tell you guys how to get yourself a sugar daddy.

This is my own secret that I am sharing with you guys “pretend like you are a peasant”. Even if you have to head on over Sephora and get yourself some brown eye makeup to make yourself look really homeless, do it because the first step is to look like a peasant. However, it is a perfect mixture of looking like a peasant but also working out, so your body competes with everyone around you because the best way to become the best sugar baby that you can be is to have the best body. If you want the most from your sugar daddy, you need to make sure that you look the best that you can look. So first things first, go to the gym.

One of the most important things is to make sure that you get yourself a sugar baby allowance. A sugar baby allowance is where once a week all of your sugar daddies put money straight into your bank account. This is super important if you are trying to be a successful sugar baby. This is a huge role that I want to share with you guys. Whatever you do, do not have sex with your sugar daddies. This will change it from being a sugar baby to a prostitute, and depending on where you live prostitution is against the law. So whatever you do, do not have sex with your sugar daddy.

It is so important that you dress fancy. Sugar daddies love when their sugar baby looks amazing. Please, do whatever you have to do to look fancy. Ways you can get money from them is tell them that you have medical bills, tell them that you have school bills. Sugar daddies love when their sugar babies are in school so make sure you are educated and make sure that you are going to Harvard.”

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