Is There the Acceptable Age Difference in Sugar Daddy Dating?

Age is just a number. It all depends on how you feel as a person. Many people don’t think their is an acceptable age difference that should be laid out, finding love or an acceptance between two people can come at any age. As long as there’s mutual respect and knows their role in the relationship then go for it for each other, it really doesn’t matter what the difference is. So whether there is an acceptable age in your sugar daddy dating? Let’s see how people say about that.

Is There the Acceptable Age Difference in Sugar Daddy Dating

Really needs this question is really just a myth age is just a matter of Mind Over Matter if you don’t mind it really doesn’t matter how old the two are apart! I mean I’ve dated someone that was 17 years younger than me does that make wrong for doing so? I’ve asked other people and most people say it really doesn’t matter as long as the two people are happy!


In my opinion twenty years or more. For me, a grown-up man it’s very handsome and sexy, because he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. So I really like how grown up men talk to me and how they put effort so you can be comfortable with him. I also think that if they exercise regularly they are super hot and interesting. I really like that in a man.


For me I feel age is not a issue but a persons state of maturity and respect and honesty is. I honestly prefer older men I’m more attracted to a older gentleman because older gentleman are not as reckless and disrespectful as younger guys. For me to have interest in someone they must have a pleasant personality, Sweet, honest, and respectful. Respect is of major importance to me.


There shouldn’t be an age as long as the baby can provide sugar for the daddy and the daddy can provide sugar for the baby it should be a match but if there were an age it maybe should be 10 to 15 years apart the only thing with age is that the older one might be able to teach the baby new things and introduce her to things she’s never experienced!


I never dated in high school because I was always into older men. A lot of them know how to treat women right. My first boyfriend is 14 years older than me and I’ve gone up to 29 years older. He was 55. But my ideal age for a man at this point in my life would be 15 year Gap. I’m almost 30 years old and men are still very Lively in their 40s that’s when the age the best


Well for this question, I would say that age means nothing and maturity level of the sugar baby AND sugar daddy means everything. With that being said, based off of the normal maturity level of a 20 yr old, I really don’t see how a connection can be made with somebody more than 25 years older. There are definite outliers out there though. I tend to not go on dates with anybody more than 25 yrs older than me.


Growing up, age made no difference in my household – my parents are over twenty years apart! I was raised to believe that as long as the act(s) is/are happening between two consenting adults, there’s nothing wrong with it! Sugaring is the same thing – if we click, we click. There are just some things that can’t change that, and age is one of them!!


It honestly is just a preference. I like my men older anyway to be completely honest. They seem more mature. I would say about 20 years. 20 years gives them some time to actually collect themselves. I can’t speak for everyone. But older men just do something for MOST of women. Wouldn’t even say it was a turn on,it’s just that the way they carry themselves.


I believe it depends on the person. I am about to be 20 and the oldest man I’v been with was 41. The oldest I have communicated with, which was for quite a while, was 53. So I think it really depends on the person and how they treat you. I enjoyed the company and the conversation with both of these men while being a sugar baby is much more than just sex.


Not to sure what others think but for me i think chemistry is the most important thing, then it would have to be age then looks. So to me age is just a number and I love the fact that you don’t have to really worry about his age because he could be the man of your dreams and be well over the age you thought you would talk to. But you never know just give it a try and it could be the best experience you’ve ever done💋


The way I see it is as long as all parties are on the same page emotionally it’s all good. What gets me is when a 65 year old daddy has a 22 year old sugar baby complains about how she just a dead lay, or see him as ATM daddy gets upset. Or vice verse, the sugar baby can complain about always having to give him his heart medicine, or daddy is grumpy today. Again, just as long as all parties are on the same page emotionally it’s all good😀


it really does not matter to me the chemistry in the pearson is what count as long as someone gets along and have fun together it really does not matter. Age is just a number and as long as everybody gets along there should not be a proem i think its fun meeting peoe with more experience than myself. you can learn from that pearson also and enjoy life


I believe that the age difference between a sugar and their daddy’s doesn’t matter. It depends on their maturity levels and how well they get along. I personally like guys that are at least 10 years older than me. Everyone has what they like, weather it be a big difference or not as long as the two people can be happy and have a perfect sugar daddy, sugar baby relationship.


Any age is okey as long as I find him attractive in some way. Age is just a number and attraction comes in many forms. I’m looking for a connection, not any age. Maybe not someone who that old that he even can’t hear me and I need to push him in a wheelchair so don’t get me wrong haha! But a sugar relationship is far from a life partner so I have different criteria for that.


I believe that as long as the baby is 18 years of age or older, the age difference shouldn’t matter. If they are both consenting adults then they should have the right to be with who they want to be with. No one should tell anyone who not to be with based on age. If they are both comfortable with it then let them be. It isn’t your place to decide what is right or wrong for someone else.


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