First Gay Sugar Baby Tips

Why do you want to be a gay sugar baby? What makes you want a gay sugar daddy, you are a daddy lover, or you need something financial support, or you are bisexual but you act that you like girls in reality so when you need money or something in urgent you can only choose to find a gay sugar daddy? I’m not joking, believe me when I say there is sort of the secret gay sugar daddy&gay sugar baby, I understand them, for sometimes it’s hard to find a proper partner who can meet your needs on general dating/gay dating/even sugar daddy dating site. So when you want to be a gay sugar baby what can you do? I think this must be the very first post about tips for the 1first gay sugar baby.

First Gay Sugar Baby

Why Gay Sugar Baby?

Know Exactly What You Want

Before you certainly going to the sugar world, you should know it well, it’s not like gay match dating site but a sort of mutually beneficial relationship between you and a rich man who usually senior to you. When you know what’s the sugar baby, what’s gay sugar daddy relationship exactly, and you still want to be a gay sugar baby, clearly what you need, you want quick money? Regular allowance? A Monitor? Then set a bottom line in your mind, do you mind if there’s love suddenly comes to you two? Do you mind sleep with your gay sugar daddy or do you mind others got to know your actual relationship with that guy? Don’t just expect what you can get, think more about your safety and how you can find a right person.

Where’s Gay Sugar Daddy?

Many wealthy people in your city, which is, of course, everybody knows but where’s them exactly? In their office? Trust me none of the rich people even experienced sugar daddy will meet their sugar babies in their office and that’s the place for work, sugaring is for life. Then nightclub? You should know that rich people are usually senior to general guys in the club, some of them even don’t like to go there, where sort of for young hormones only. In this case, you may consciously close to those old guys, but who will know if they are truly a potential gay sugar daddy or just an old gay man who likes the young body? The best way to find gay sugar daddy is, go to the gay sugar daddy dating website&apps, and chat, get to know each other better see if it’s the right feeling, then pick a proper time meet him in public, if you have patience and skills, you will land yourself a gay sugar daddy who can offer you all you wants.

Tips for the First Gay Sugar Baby


For male sugar daddy and female sugar baby, it’s not an easy thing to find each other in a short time, there must be luck one who made it, but it’s rare and I usually won’t encourage every sugar seekers like they can immediately find a sugar partner, which is kind of a promo skill and almost lie to you. People have their own thinking, and people can be critical or generous it all depends on what kinds of person you meet. Before coming out a proper one to you, be patient and don’t give up, report or feedback to customer service when there’s the scam or rude people.


Learning to lean, from experienced sugar babies, on social media like Tumblr, blog, see the real stories they have been through, there are some skills about how to break the ice, how to set up the allowance goal, how to ask for it with your sugar daddy, how to distinguish the scammer and potential sugar daddy.

The most important is your safety. You must know not all the rich people are kind, generous gentleman, some of them will have the severe obsessive-compulsive disorder or serious desire for control, you must meet them in public at first and know exactly what kind of people they are.

Sometime you will see some sad stories about crime, about cheating, about nothing happened in their sugar experiences. It’s very common in sugar bowl because there are always more sugar babies than sugar daddies no matter what genders. But they are complaining about their failure or they didn’t protect themselves well. You just Learn the lessons the previous sugar babies have already experienced and be confident in yourself, Just go for it boys!


To be honest, there are not much dating sites for gay sugar dating only, because it could be a niche market and those developers don’t want to create a community to a small group of users, which means they can’t earn the money. But with the sugar daddy dating growing more popular and hundreds of thousands of people starting to sugaring, many gay people need a place to sugaring&dating as well.

Here I personally recommend a platform called Sudy, which began with a general sugar daddy dating but since they very first noticed the LGBT user needs, they launched the Sudy Gay, Sudy Les as well. You have two choices and the best way is both install the two apps, because Sudy Gay focus gay sugaring but gay dating friendly concurrently, all the users are your kind. Sudy have a large user base and the fastest growing speed that can’t be found in anywhere else, an active community will help you meet as more as possible sugar seekers including bisexual sugar daddies, and it just needs you to set your sexual orientation at first.

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