Dating a Gay Sugar Daddy at 18 Q&A

“So lots of people have been asking us how is like to date a guy sugar daddy in the real life. We thought it could be really helpful to answer some questions from you guys. Joe is my boyfriend. He is way much older than me. He is 56 years old, and I have been dating him since I was 18. So we have been together for four years. That is pretty much our situation now.

Gay Sugar Daddy Q&A

Q: How Does Joe’s Family? Do They Accept Your Relationship? and How Does He Introduce Me to them?

So a year later, I introduced Alex to my brother and my sister- in- law. They were very happy to hear that I was in a relationship. They like Alex very much. We go fo dinner once a while, and we have taken three Christmases together now with the family. So everything is so good so far.

Q: Are You Guys Planning to Get Married in the Future?

Of course, I mean we are in a serious relationship right now. So why would not we want to get married in the future?

Q: What Is Alex’s Best Asset?

Physically, Alex has an amazing, wonderful face, and what attracted me to Alex in the first place is his face. Mentally, I mean he is the sweetest person I have ever met, and he is so kind, so funny. I could not stop laughing when I with him.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Thing About Each Other?

I like Alex always giving a smiling face, and I love to hear what he has been doing all day. I just simply love him, and he is my number one in my life.

Q: How to Deal with People Who Judge You?

We just simply ignore them. They are outside of our control, and we just leave them. They only important thing for us is each other. So why would we care so much about what people say about us? They do not know what is every detail of us. Some people just care so much about what others say, but luckily we are not one of them. So we are really happy now.

Q: What Is the Best Part of Your Relationship with Joe?

The best part of my relationship with Joe is security because he gives me emotional secure and mentally secure. That really grounds me and helps me because I am not a person who always feels secure when I am with someone around my age or just a little bit older than me. I know myself really well so with Joe I feel really positive and very healthy.”

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