When Gay and Straight People are on Same Dating App-Study by Sudy

Sudy has diverse kinds of sugar seekers including heterosexuals and homosexuals, but there’s still an individual app Sudy Gay. Read APP Review: Gay Sugar Daddy Dating App | Sudy Gay Why do they think of that? Isn’t it good that all people on the same app so that it can be more users to promo? Sudy seems has deeper thoughts about it, speaking of convenience. For gay people, how others look on “labeled gay” determines if it’s fine staying a dating platform that mixed with the straight people as well. People now tend to label anyone just meet before getting well to know about each other, which has been seen as a shortcut finding “like-minded” person in this fast world. Save the time, convenient for hookup. But as the dating platform provider, Sudy is obviously very considerate of each part of people who don’t give it a shit or who really mind it.

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Is It Convenient? What’s the Advantage?

#Different User Base

Many social networks out there you can easily meet new people and make friends with them around the world, some people think of the dating sites are different with the social network because they are specific for dating service, focus on love or hookup. Gay people need to be together and apart from straight people so that they won’t doubt that the sexual orientation and save the time for asking.

However, the thing is, you always meet more people on a dating site which has large member base, far than anyone dating sites for gays only. Large member base means, there are not only the gay member but mostly straight people. Different bases, different results. You get more chance to initiate a relationship you want if you meet more people.

By the way no matter you are on which dating sites, once a conversation starts, you must ask, regardless asking the sexual orientation or any others you want deepening the communication.

#The Convenience Overweigh the Drawbacks

Don’t focus yourself on an only-way except you want to miss the whole forest because of one tree. Generally, I recommend gay people go to the multiple dating sites exclusive for gay, at the same time always give it a try when you find seems fab site. Manage your accounts on multiple sites in parallel you will find there’s basically no difference on various dating site.

It is not saying that it’s inconvenient when gay and straight people are on the same dating site, the thing is the convenience of using a dating site has nothing to do with whether there’s only one sexual orientation. Just by technological characteristics, along with the development and perfection of dating market, there seems not much difference whether a gay or a straight person to use the dating site.

At lease in Sudy: Users are allowed to opt the gender and sexual orientation at the beginning of registration, if you don’t mind meet any kind of gender you can choose bisexual, even you are a gay you can still message other gay people or meet friends in Moments community. If you don’t want be bothered by straight people you can choose your sexual orientation at your will

More people they meet, more convenient all relationship seekers will feel.

More possibilities and additional advantages a dating site has, more dating chances/conversations members will get.

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