Gay Sugar Baby Talks: Why Older Men are Better?

For sugar relationship, it comes a topic recently that many sugar seekers have a little argument about the best age of sugar daddies. Younger sugar daddy tend to have a more attractive face and body shape, it feels like you are dating with Orlando Bloom, more like you at lease can leave room for imagination. But the truth is old sugar daddy always like richer. They got more experiences in career or life, and they are more mentally mature than young guys.

Gay Sugar Baby Talks Why Older Men are Better

Except this, there are more reasons as following:

Why Dating an Older Man is Better than Dating a Younger Man

#1 They Take You Out to Eat and Always Pay Anything

Older men are gentlemen literally, and they always remember to open the door for you, take your seat out for you when you’re going to enjoy a dinner. Such gentleman thing.

You can save your money because they think they should pay, and yes they always pay, they always take the bill. Save all the money for yourself and put a savings account.

#2 Sex is Amazing

It has not much differences between having sex with young men or old men like your initial thoughts. However, old guys know better how to touch you tenderly and hit you to climb the peak of pleasure at the proper time. They care about the safety more than Younger men. And that’s most needed by sugar baby, not mention that there are more and younger gay people turn to newbie sugar seekers.

#3 Help You with Things You Don’t Know

In this case not talking about sex, or anal… Learn how to drive a car, how to cock, they have many experiences and can tell you lots of things you don’t know, from easy like common to difficult like occupational planning.

#3 Spend Money for You

Old men have money, they are rich and besides, they are sensitive to his sugar babies’ needs, and wants, because that’s requirements and they are certainly clever than you. They accept for who you are even you spend their money a lot.

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