Gay Sugar Daddy Dating in Canada

How does it feel to be a gay sugar daddy? As for some young fellas, sugar daddies have more value than mere sex and cash, but these gay daddies can be a serious drawback in some aspects.

In this case, Canada has been a tremendous example of male sugar daddy dating. A report from, it has been surveyed that Toronto, Canada has made it to the top 5 of the gay sugar daddies city ranking. The research conducted also showed that for each guy there are 4 male sugar babies. This fast spreading trend shows that just like women, men also want to get exploited and spoiled. And this generosity has been a widely accepted value, no matter the relationship.

Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Canada

Besides, we can see many examples. Scott, being Canadian plans to be the CEO of his own media company by his 37th Birthday. Today he’s 29, being unemployed because of being a school dropout of immense debt. But like other guys in their 20’s killing themselves from anxiety and being financially disturbed. Scott isn’t one of them because big sugar daddies got him covered with their generosity. Over the span of 4 years, Scott a student of the University of Toronto has been dating sugar daddies around the city, which have provided him with over $10,000 in cash and gifts plus being his mentor. Scott says “I hope I don’t appear as a gold digger in front of my sugar daddies.” He explains his tactics as a preface to his lifestyle.

Scott later met Peter who was a Barber in Toronto. Looking to be someone’s sugar daddy, Scott and Peter were a perfect match. Peter explained all his needs to him, just like a normal sugar daddy he offered him everything ranging from financial to spiritual support. But in return, he asked for sex because sex could not be off the table. Because most of the male sugar daddies say one phrase most of the time, “No Pain, No Gain.” And that’s where the drawback of sugar dating is. Being suave with the same gender can be a higher risk of STDs. But that’s not a big issue because everything has a darker side.

Trust and Safety

This is very important in each relationship and there are somewhat mixed opinion regarding the dating of male sugar daddies. A research showed that over 51% of participants did not view online dating as dangerous, while the 41% showed signs of risk-taking and it was shown as a daredevil task.

Another big problem of online Gay Sugar Daddy Dating is the huge age difference between sexes, whether they are the Bi or straight. One guy could be young in his 20’s other maybe in his 40’s and be a Gay Sex Predator.

Therefore, sugars should also know how to protect themselves. If everyone has a sense of safety, and everyone knows how to protect themselves and everyone cherish his lifethere will be a harmonious and happy gay sugar daddy dating world.

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