Gay Sugar Daddy Seeking

Along with rising number of gay sugar daddy sites out there, which cities are best for gay sugar seekers and where get the best quality of sugar daddies are clear for known according to the user distribution survey. Famous gay sugar daddy platforms Sudy, SA, both found that average of gay sugar daddies is younger than 40 years old, has a net worth of over $6 million. Compare this to heterosexual sugar daddy you’ll find gay sugar daddies tend to be younger and get more confidence on finance power.

Gay Sugar Daddy Seeking

Best Gay Sugar Daddy Site

Many websites and apps deem themselves the best sugar daddy platform for gay, famous like SeekingArrangement, Sudy, MillionairMatch and etc, there are many local sugar daddy sites as well. However, compare to normal sugar daddy platform, most of gay sugar daddy sites mix up gay and straight users together on their community.

Unlike mostly gay sugar daddy sites out there, Sudy could be the only one platform that contains different versions to meet diverse needs of different users. They have a well-designed website and easy to use app called Sudy, which is also the biggest community for sugar seekers, homosexual or heterosexual sugar bowl, and they have launched Sudy Gay, Sudy Les exclusive for gay&lesbian, in case there are gay sugar seekers who don’t want to be in a sugar community where full of the straight people.

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Best Cities for Gay Sugar Daddy Seeking

The US has been considered that has the largest gay sugar daddy&gay sugar baby base. A city must have enough gay sugar daddies and they should be wealthy enough to be a gay sugar daddy, like an average annual income of approximately over than $200K, could be seen as “best for gay sugar daddy seeking”.

Most gay sugar babies are college students or high school graduated, average 23 years old. Gay sugar daddies are more generous compared to the rest, on the other hand, gay sugar babies always earn more, which is approximately $4K for the monthly allowance.

We can list top cities for the gay sugar daddy, according to the account of gay sugar daddy who has an annual income over than $200K.

Top 5 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities 

  1. The large gay sugar daddy city is New York, and there are about five gay sugar daddies every 1,000 adult men.
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Houston
  5. Beverly Hills and Atlanta, about have one gay sugar daddy per 1,000 adult men.

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