How do You Deal with Sugar Hater?

There are plenty of them that hates the way of life, which sugar babies and sugar daddies are living with, but this a choice none the less. People can be in a relationship for 1 to12 years and can’t stand each other and you, that is feeling trapped. But in the sugar way and you can have a million adventures with daddy’s and it’s carefree. Sugar way of life is a choice and the people that hate on it secretly want the freedom that sugar seekers have. So how sugar seekers deal with those haters?

There are plenty of them that hates the sugar way of life but this a choice none the less

Yeah I’ve met some haters, my friend isn’t really into the whole idea of being a sugar baby. She always ask why I can’t date guys my age. But I also tell her I just like older guys, and that I want someone to spoil me and give me money. As well like older men are much better they’re more mature than younger men, not saying there isn’t any mature young guys but there’s a lot that aren’t.


There will always be haters that’s life. You can’t live your life to please other. You have to live it for you. Once you make up your mine not to care what anyone says and think. Then you will be on a whole different level and truly happy. Sometimes these haters comes in the form of best friends or family. Once they see you reaching somewhere in life they change and try to bring you down. But once you are willing to fight nothing will stop you from shining.

——Farah(Sugar Baby)

I love the haters makes me feel more empowered your giving your attention and time to me and my sugar daddy. All eyes on you and your only response is kindness at all times to them it throws them off greatly. I love to smile and introduce my self or smile with my eyes and give friendly gestures. I love to even speak to or get closer and hug daddy even more it sets them off but who cares there will always be haters in this world the key is kindness


Yes, I’m a quite honest person so i will never deny my sugar babying ways. People are always criticizing. People think this falls under the same category as prostitution but they’re so wrong. Ignorant people are always the ones to put their input in. I usually shrug it off and don’t let it personally affect me and just go on with my day. As long as I’m happy i won’t be changing the way i live for someone else!


I’ve met so many sugar haters. They think it’s really gross and weird that I do this. However, I just assume they don’t understand the whole situation completely. It’s also not as big of a deal as some haters believe. I just explain my story to them and why I’m doing it and they seem to get it after that. Or if they continue to not understand I just leave it alone and ignore them. Because who cares about people’s opinions anyway?

——Bea(Sugar Baby)

Who cares? I mean their opinion is not important to pay my bills, to eat, or other things. So totally indifferent. I just talk about me only with few people and if they don’t like it it’s ok. But yeah I know there are issues in this field, bit is mostly ignorance, prejudice and jealousy. So it’s funny somehow listening to brat about things they don’t know.

——cecy(Sugar Baby)

Anyone who wants to talk is going to talk so if you’re going to listen and go ahead and listen. But I choose not to cuz I don’t care what anybody has to say about me I know the truth. And as long as I believe in my truth then nobody else opinion about me matters. I love taking care of people and this is a way that I can do what I love. So let them talk.


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