What My Brother Thinks of My 53 Years Old Boyfriend

Today, I am here with my older brother. I think that it is good to sit him down, and ask him what does he think of my age gap relationship【K= Kayleb; B= Brother】

old gay boyfriend

K: what do you think about me having a 53 years old boyfriend?

B: well I do not necessarily approve, but if it makes you happy, that is okay. I just wonder how it makes you feel when you know when you out in public, and people start to ask you if that is like your dad, your uncle, or your grandpa. I just wonder that part, but if it makes you happy, and you are okay with that, it is alright, but I do not necessarily feel comfortable with that. I mean why you would choose someone who is much older. I thought that my little brother would be excited for something else, but Mark your boyfriend is a good guy. It is just so different for me. I understand that you are happy, and it is great, but it is not like that you can bring Mark to my house and celebrate thanksgiving together.

K: Alright, so what bothers you the most? His age? I mean he has been nice to you.

B: yes. Mark has been nice to me. I heard some people talk that he looks life your grandpa and stuff like that. I think if he also hears that, and that is something he would not approve of. So technically, I cannot point something out that is bothers me, but I do not appreciate what other think of you, and our family. I feel that is the most thing that bothers me. I do not like the attitude of the public. This attitude would impact my family, and they have nothing to do with this whole situation. And someone would literally say that Mark looks like our grandpa. And I am telling you guys my grandpa is nothing like that.

K: Yes, I totally agree with that. That is my business. And I want to say whether you ship me and Mark as a couple, please leave my family out of this. My family has nothing to do with us. And I am very happy in this relationship right now. I feel good with my whole relationship.

This article is adapted from Youtube What My Brother Thinks of My 53 Years Old Boyfriend

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