Why Gay Sugar Daddy & Gay Sugar Baby

Gay sugar daddy dating has the significant difference with general gay dating or general sugar daddy relationship. I have to put this in front of the post, for gay dating, money is not the issue, mostly gay people finding their match for sex, fun, or live-in relationship based on love, and for general sugar daddy relationship, money, and gender ratio imbalance would be the significant factors. Since if there’s no money then it can’t be a sugar daddy relationship, and there wouldn’t be gender difference so money and dating needs tend to be the most two important factors for gay sugar daddy dating. Then why gay people now tend to be gay sugar daddy&gay sugar baby instead of simply dating other gay people?

Why Gay Sugar Daddy & Gay Sugar Baby

Why Gay Sugar Daddy Dating?

Speaking of ‘sugar daddy’, no matter it’s exclusive for gay or for sugar baby with any gender, there must be related to money. I knew many unfair tags added on gay people who in need of money, money boy, toy boy, cub toy for the cougar, and so on. I didn’t deny that some of them actually do the money and sex trading, along with many astricts. But there’s a certain part of this group of people they want no-chained relationship literally but they can only be constrained to satisfy their ‘masters’ so that they can get the financial support in return, and most of them actually don’t want to last long.

In gay sugar daddy dating, gay sugar babies can be friends or lovers with their gay sugar daddies. There’s sex in most case, compare to the heterosexual relationship, gay tend to have more sex needs and match desires with someone who they really into so as our study on this field, gay sugar babies basically have no problem in sleeping with their sugar daddies because they have the choice, they choose each other at early stage before starting sugar relationship, they usually won’t reject the person be chosen by themselves.

Why Gay Sugar Daddy?

Not Good Looking

A rich man, mature man, who have the money yet not good looking as other charming guys especially young guys. In online social situations, gay always like those hot guys with good body shape or beautiful face, which will make those mature man lack competitiveness.

Busy, and Dull Life

For men who may busy at work, lack of leisure time to find a couple, feel lonely wants there’s somebody charming, interesting or sweet who can give him company and make him relax. All of they wants can quickly find a place to meet like-mind partner yet just give some money in return—something they don’t lack. Why not? A man’s got a limit,  and that’s indeed mutually beneficial.

Why Gay Sugar Baby?

It depends. Trust me when I tell you that some of them had got married to their sugar daddy/baby, which means gay sugar babies have diverse purposes in sugaring, some of them just to solve the temporary needs and want a financial support may last just a couple of weeks or several months, some of them are daddy lovers, put luxury lifestyle as their life goal, they just like the hunters and waiting for their lovers, who attracted to them and wealthy, experienced in life as well, they used to be in sugar daddy relationship and then turn to the serious relationship.

What is Gay Sugar Baby Like

One thing you learn when you’re living the gay sugar baby life is that it’s not like the general hookup, money is essential. So you may somebody who already has a family or boyfriend, no one wants to become a home wrecker, honestly, sugar baby’s not contravening the standards of moral conduct, they have their own discretion. You have no right to stop others from living a life they want. The most important is that you should know yourself, know your needs, and desires. If you want to be a gay sugar baby, learn to protect yourself, it’s the most important thing, then know your type, set the goal and treat yourself well.

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