Young Gay Sugar Baby YouTuber with His 50 Yrs Old Boyfriend

Kayleb Alexander is 22 years old guy, a gay sugar baby at the same time. He got a 33 years age gap relationship with his boyfriend Mark. They love each others and Mark like a sugar daddy because he buys Kayleb everything as long as he want or need it. They shot the video to talk about their life, their relationship, and O&A about sugar daddy, gay sugar daddy relationship, age gap, and so on.

Young Gay Sugar Baby YouTuber with His 50 Yrs Old Boyfriend

How They Build up This Relationship

About the Dating from

Kayleb and Mark did day at when he was close 18, they would be with together 4 years till this summer. The biggest difference from dating like 4 years ago to now is instead of being focused on the immediate problem and things that are around himself, Kayleb is focused on the world and trying to advance himself, trying to get an education, a career going.

Speaking of the first impression when he met Kayleb, Mark mentioned “young”. Hum he is 17 at that time. It seems both of them basically have a thing for age gap dating. Kayleb has amazed wonderful face, what attracted Mark to him at first place. His smiling face, just all one of the things that he did during the day turns to Mark’s favorite things about Kayleb, “Kayleb is my number one and I love being with him.” Mark said on their YouTube video.

About the Family’s Attitude

Mark told about him to his brother Carmen and Carmen sister-in-law and they were very happy that Mark was in a relationship, then they go for dinner once in a while. When someone asks about how does Mark’s family think of this, do they accept Kayleb, Mark says his family has no critics in this age gap relationship and they like Kayleb. they took three Christmas now. Besides, Mark has no doubt to answer “Yep” after others ask like “Are you guys planning and getting married in the future?”

Best Way to Deal with the Haters

People Judge, especially who have nothing to do with this situation, they tend to get satisfaction by criticizing others. If someone has experienced it, got somewhat feelings like it, or simply has empathy, they won’t judge because they can understand.

What’s the best way to emotionally deal with the people who judge you? For this question, Mark give us the easiest way, “Outside of my control, I just leave them alone.”

They both love animals, and they both have a soft but strong heart, the most important, they love each other. No matter how rare it is, I mean two people really fall in love in a age gap or gay sugar daddy relationship, you can see there would always be possible.

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